Veo3 Inspect with Confidence

Retaining the best features of the established Veo line, the new Veo3 now offers a PCAP touch interface, user templates, and more importantly, live TFM.

Key design elements of the Veo3 are user and performance focused.  Based on superior and innovative digital technology and its live concurrent multi-scan / multi-technique capabilities, the Veo3 truly helps you to inspect with confidence.

The Veo3 multi-techniques allow inspectors to keep inspecting as they always have, with no need to change their current workflow and by doing so, users can benefit from the additional resolution and sizing performance of TFM while carrying out an already approved, trusted and reliable procedure.

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Superior Digital Technology

The Veo3 offers superior data throughput and unsurpassed computational capacity. It delivers fast and accurate results using an impressive 32 channel PA beamformer that provides exceptional SNR, using enhanced digital signal processing.


Data file size is not a concern for the Veo3 thanks to its 64-bit Linux operating system because it can count on a fast 128GB SSD memory capacity allowing you to record huge amounts of information in a single acquisition file.

With its advanced technology the Veo3 is unique in allowing real-time multi-scan/multi-technique capabilities.  Simultaneous TFM, PA and TOFD views are now possible.

Intuitive Menus and Workflow

The intuitive menu system is application and workflow driven, with set up and operation swiftly becoming second nature. Integrated help and wizards guide the user through scan set up whilst optimisation tips ensure the Veo3 always performs at the highest level. Fast and efficient wizards for sound velocity; wedge delay, TCG, DAC, TOFD setup and encoder calibration are all provided as standard.


The inspection plan shows the operator in 3D where probes are positioned on the test part, simplifying the inspection set up and providing an inspection reference for reporting. Using the latest computer technology, data can be permanently recorded for processing and report generation. All adjustments to focal laws are instantaneous, with angle resolution to 0.1° and up to 1024 focal laws without loss of performance.


With its unique architecture the Veo3 can generate up to six live TFM scans, produced from multiple FMC sources on different probes, and also generates TFM images of up to 500k pixels with a maximum resolution of 100 pixel per mm without limiting the number of pixel per axis.


All of the data received during Full Matrix Capture (FMC) scanning can be recorded on the Veo3.  As a result, further detailed analysis can be performed including comparison with previous inspection data to identify trends and flaw/corrosion growth rates. 


The Veo3 can combine up to 4 live TFM modes. As known as TFMi™, the details of the defects have never been so close to the reality. That imaging scan provides a high-precision height assessment and an improved shape accuracy compared to conventional PA inspections.

The ability to characterise the type of defects is now effortless. This technique has indeed demonstrated superior results on weld analysis.

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utstudio _256x256 (1).png    Create, Analyse, Report

UTstudio+ makes inspection data management easy.

Loaded with a comprehensive user interface, data analysis and setup file construction become natural and straight forward. From customised views to additional gates, measurement tools or refined colour palettes, UTstudio+ helps you generate extended reports and much more.

Suitable for TFM, phased array and conventional ultrasonic technologies, UTstudio+ is able to accomplish amazing things and get the job done for a multitude of simple advanced applications.

One UTstudio+ licence FREE with your Veo3 purchase

utmap_256x256 (1).png   Stitch, Analyse, Export

UTmap is analysis software that creates a Tiled Scan (T-Scan) and generates small to large images of the inspection results. Each C-Scan can be positioned or stitched together to form a T-Scan and represent the part geometry. Once assembled, the T-Scan represents a meaningful image for analysis and reporting.

UTmap also offers features including the ability to import drawings, outlines and information as images to overlay on the T-Scan and automatically providing precise flaw data and dimensions.

UTview logo.png   Review, Collaborate, Trust

Loaded with comprehensive user interface, inspection data and results are now freely accessible to anyone who wants to review them. From customised views to additional gates, measurement tools or refined colour palettes, UTview helps sharing results with collaborators to get the job done faster.

xPair_App_Icon_SQ.pngShare, Control, Transfer

Using Sonatest’s Xpair software application, Veo3 can be fully used and controlled remotely, via a simple network connection. 

Xpair is a PC-based software application solution to manage data transfer and remote control of instruments in the field wherever a network connection is available. Moreover, with the Xpair Cloud option, a user can access and remotely pilot the instrument of a colleague located 1000s of km away using a mobile or wired internet connection.



TFMi™ Inspection for monitoring

TFMi™ Inspection for monitoring "Blind" Holes

Blind hole inspection is an excellent fit for TFMi™. It really enables a full comprehensive profile view of the internal geometry of a part.

Phased Array Technique for Inspection of Contact Point Corrosion

Phased Array Technique for Inspection of Contact Point Corrosion

The PA-CAT™ phased array technique developed by Holloway NDT & Engineering Inc. is an attenuation-based modelling algorithm used to evaluate the minimum remaining wall thickness at pipe or vessel supports.

Inspection of Nozzles using the Veo3 and Scannner

Inspection of Nozzles using the Veo3 and Scannner

Traditional UT inspection is time consuming, creating a scan plan and then performing the scan using multiple transducers. When using the Veo3 and Nozzle Scan the set ups can all be done offsite, thereby substantially reducing and easing site work.

Flange Inspection PAUT

Flange Inspection PAUT

Phased array gives the ability to inspect flanges without having to take them apart, resulting in quicker and cheaper inspections.

Phased Array Bolt Inspection

Phased Array Bolt Inspection

Traditional methods for checking bolts include removing and visually checking for any cracking, this not only takes a long time but can also cost a huge amount of money

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)

High temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) is an irreversible deterioration of the mechanical properties of steel due to the reaction of hydrogen with carbon at temperatures in excess of 200°C.

Advanced Corrosion Mapping

Advanced Corrosion Mapping

The WheelProbe 2 features a captive array in an adaptive rubber wheel making it a perfect corrosion mapping solution for large surface.

Long Seam Weld Inspection – Manual

Long Seam Weld Inspection – Manual

This package is specifically created for a quick and easy solution to manually inspect Long Seam Welds.

Comparison of Corrosion Mapping Solutions using Phased Array and Conventional UT Techniques

Comparison of Corrosion Mapping Solutions using Phased Array and Conventional UT Techniques

There are many kinds of corrosion inspection solutions and choosing the right one may be complex.

Small Bore Welded Pipe – Double Sided Inspection

Small Bore Welded Pipe – Double Sided Inspection

The Bracelet Scanner is designed specifically for inspecting circumferential welds in small bore pipework.



Standard Model: BNC

Product Code Description

Veo3 16:64PR    BNC

Veo3 16-64PR/2UT:PR      BNC


Software Options

Product Code Description
SW-VEO3 PA32 Upgrade to 32 pulser/receiver
SW-VEO3 PA128 Upgrade to 128 channels
SW-VEO3 CSV Export view data to CSV file
SW-VEO3 PACSC SW Option: Activate PA Curved
SW-VEO3 CLOUD SW Option: Xpair Cloud Remote
SW-VEO3 FMC/TFM FMC/TFM Post Process Option
SW-VEO3 LIVE TFM Live TFM Software
Part Number Standard Kit Content
  Veo3 Phased Array Flaw Detector
242171 2 x Lithium Ion Batteries
145408 External USB Stick 8gb  G3
VEO3-ACC-006 Ruler
800423 PA 15V 4A AC/DC Power Adapter
147320 Quick Start Guide - Hard Copy
147424 User Manual & Quick Start Guide USB
195193 Carry Strap
195192 Transport Case
VEO3-ACC-001 Screen Protector (CLEAR)
VEO3-ACC-002 Screen Protector (TINT)
UTSTUDIO UTstudio Standard License


Standard Model: LEMO 

Product Code Description
Veo3 16:64 LEMO Veo3 16:64PR/2UT:PR LEMO 


Product Code Description
UTSTUDIO UTstudio Single License
UTMAP UTMAP Single License
Xpair Xpair Single License
UTVIEW UTVIEW Single License

Accessories & Spares

Product Code Description
195192 Transport Case
195193 Carry Strap
242171 Lithium Ion Battery
800423 PA 15V 4A AC/DC Power Adapter
800424 Single Bay Battery Charger
800422 Dual Bay Battery Charger
196100 Waterproof Mouse
196101 Waterproof Keyboard
196102 7 Ltr Portable Hand Spray Kit
165281 Compact USB Wi-Fi Router
147390/147320 Quick Start Guide
147424 Manual & Quick Start Guide USB
147321 Veo3 User Manual



Product Code Description
VEO3-ACC-001 Veo3 Screen Protector (Clear)
VEO3-ACC-002 Veo3 Screen Protector (Tinted)
VEO3-ACC-003 Veo3 XL Storm Case
VEO3-ACC-004 Veo3 Harness
TST-0007 Type B PA Block (CS)
TST-0008 Type B PA Block A
149342 PA Calibration Block (MS)
149118 AMK/MPAUT Block (MS)
149352 Type A PA Block (MS)
149206 Navship Test Block
AXYS-001 AXYS Clamp & Encoder 2.5m LEM1
AXYS-002 AXYS Clamp & Encoder 5m LEM1


Encoder & GPIO Adapters

Part Number 


From: Connector To: Connector From: Encoder/Probe To: Instrument Instrument(s) Supported
ADAP-003 ENC-ADAP – veo 2 axes to Prisma 2 axes 2xLemo8 1xLemo8 Veo 2 axes Prisma 2 axes


ADAP-011 ENC-ADAP – MX to veo HD15 Lemo8 MX Veo Prisma & Veo
ADAP-012 ENC-ADAP-SX-MX2 to Veo Lemo16 Lemo8 SX-MX2 Veo Prisma & Veo
ADAP-001 ENC-ADAP- veo 1 to MX Lemo8 HD15 veo 1 MX MX
ADAP-002 ENC-ADAP- veo 1 to SX-MX2 Lemo8 Lemo16 veo 1 SX-MX2 SX-MX2
ADAP-015 ENC-ADAP-RS+ & RS2 to veo 1 Lemo7 Lemo8 RS+ & RS2 veo 1 Prisma & Veo
ADAP-019 ENC-ADAP-veo 1  to RS+ & RS2 Lemo8 Lemo7 veo 1 RS+ & RS2 RS+ & RS2
ADAP-020 ENC-ADAP-MX2 2 axes to veo 2 Lemo16 Lemo8 MX2 2 axes veo 2 Prisma & Veo
170126 I-Pex Quick release Plug Pin Cover     Quick IPEX Probe    


Phased Array Adapters or Splitters

Part Number Description









ADAP-005 PA-Splitter – IX64 to IX32:32 IX64 IX32:32 Prisma & Veo Prisma & Veo
ADAP-006 PA-Splitter – IX128 to IX64:64 IX128 IX64:64 Prisma & Veo Prisma & Veo
ADAP-007 007 PA-Splitter – QX64 to Lemo00x8 QX64 Lemo00x8 Prisma & Veo Prisma & Veo
ADAP-013 PA-Splitter – IX64 to BNCx32 IX64 BNCx32 Prisma & Veo Prisma & Veo
ADAP-014 PA-Splitter – IX64 to BNC64 IX64 BNCx64 Prisma & Veo Prisma & Veo
ADAP-008 PA-ADAP – GZ64 to QX64 GZ64 QX64 Phasor Prisma & Veo
ADAP-009 PA-ADAP – CN64 to QX64 CN64 QX64 RS+ & RS2 Prisma & Veo
ADAP-010 PA-ADAP – QX64 to CN64 QX64 CN64 Prisma & Veo RS+ & RS2



Brochure & Full Specification

Date Title  
0321 Veo3 Brochure Download
0321 Veo3 Full Specification Download

Software Options

Date Title  
0321 Veo3 Software Download
0321 UTstudio Analysis Software Download
0321 UTmap Analysis Software Download
0321 Xpair Remote Software Download
0321 UTview FREE Data Viewer Software Download

Li ion Battery Information

Date  Title  
0121 MSDS Panasonic Li ion Cell for 242171 Download
0113 Shipping & Handling Li ion Batteries Download
0514 Li ion Battery PSDS Download

Sonatest Pro Tutorials

Date Title  
0321 Encoder Calibration Download
0321 Phased Array Automatic TCG Calibration Download
0321 Phased Array Element Activation Test Download
0321 Phased Array Sensitivity & ACG Calibration Download
0321 Phased Array Velocity & Zero Calibration Download
0321 Phased Array Wedge Angle Calibration Download
0321 Remote Control & UTLink Connection Download